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Hawkedon Equine Clinic » Laboratory

Our in house lab is run by our own trained staff and gives fast and accurate results. We use it frequently for routine tests such as worm egg counts and to help us diagnostically. Being in-house there are no waits whilst samples are sent in the post and in emergencies, rapid diagnostics make for rapid decisions that can help save a joint or make a decision for surgery for colic.

Blood tests
Foal immunity levels

Joint samples
Joint infections can be catastrophic for a horse unless they are treated immediately. Our staff will process joint samples as soon as we get them to the lab so there is no delay in treatment for joint or tendon sheath penetrations. This we know, is critical for the success of treating wounds where joints are involved and saves horse's future atheletic careers.

Worm egg counts
Worm egg counts are an essential part of any worming program. Our worm egg counts are competitively priced and this price includes telephone advice on worming on your premises. Bespoke worming programs can be drawn up for your premises, including tapeworm control.

We believe that our advice on worming is better than any other commercial service for the simple reason that we know you your horses and premises and management better than anyone else. We also know where resistance has occured and when worm problems are increasing.

Over the years we can advise you on how to keep your horses clear of internal parasites and so lower the risk of colic, diarhoea and weight problems.

Tests for skin parasites
Skin scrapes are looked at for mites and lice

Ringworm tests
We culture ringworm, a fungal infection of the skin, in the lab for diagnosis as well as look at samples under the microscope. Conformation can take up to five days as ringworm takes a long time to grow in the lab

Reproductive work
Semen analysis including tests for freezing semen
Uterine cytology
Uterine culture: bacteriology – simple growth and sensitivity testing, for pre covering checks

We use outside laboratories for other tests
Strangles blood tests or swabs
CEMO, Klebsiella and Pseudomonas swabs for breeding
Hormone tests – eg cushings tests, equine metabolic syndrome, rig tests.

LYNN PERRY ... " Richard has provided a reproduction service for several years. His fixed price service is efficient and makes budgeting easy year on year "