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Reproduction and AI Services at Hawkedon Equine Clinic, horse vet in Suffolk

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Hawkedon Equine Clinic » Reproduction - Mares and Stallions

We have a very busy reproductive service with a wealth of experience in natural and assisted reproductive techniques. As well as our BEVA listed AI service for mares we can now offer, in partnership with our studs and stallion owners, a new stallion AI service. Stallions are listed on a separate page. We offer fixed price AI covering fees and an AI stud service here at the practice. Please telephone us for more details about our reproductive services, even if it simply advice about putting your mare in foal, our vets will be happy to answer your queries.

Stabling and 6 acres of paddocks with foaling boxes with cctv
Foaling mares, mares and mares with foals will all have a comfortable stay and can have individual turnout while they are here. On site vets provide 24 hour cover and our experienced and dedicated staff will look after your horses during their stay.

AI facilities for frozen and chilled semen (BEVA approved centre)
Stocks, ultrasound scanners, semen storage and laboratory provide the facilities needed for successfully inseminating mares and we are approved by the British Equine Veterinary Association as an AI centre.

We have fixed all in prices for AI or can price work on an individual procedure basis, whichever is your preference.

Semen collection and processing facilities for chilled and frozen semen
We can collect from stallions for immediate inseminations or for chilling or freezing. We can perform tests for freezing suitability We have storage facilities for stallion semen - please telephone for a quote.

Vists and reproduction services
As well as our breeding services here at the clinic, we also provide breeding services to studs and private premises. Please telephone the surgery to discuss your requirements.

Other breeding services include:

  • Pregnancy diagnosis of mares by ultrasound
  • Pre covering examinations
  • Swabs and blood tests for stud. 48hr clitoral swab results
  • Monitored foaling (24hr) in dedicated foaling boxes
  • Poor fertility examinations and treatments for mares and stallions
  • Semen analysis

LYNN PERRY ... " Richard has provided a reproduction service for several years. His fixed price service is efficient and makes budgeting easy year on year "